2018/11/28-12/25 KILOATBOA LIMITED STORE [Flower Bird]

We are an information of limited time shop KILOATBOA LIMITED STORE which handles accessories of COTTLE in Chikugo city, Fukuoka prefecture.

Starting today from 28th Flower Bird at Chikugo City 2F KILOATBOA will OPEN LIMITED STORE.

Bags and accessories that you want to have in winter come together It seems that the fun plan is prepared this time as well.

Because there are many items that are perfect for Christmas gifts that are irresistible for small items Please come and visit! Personally, KILOATBOA’s small wallet seems to be easy to use and cute and worrisome ♪

tricote’s socks are like a piece of art and it is wonderful. !

KILOATBOA LIMITED STORE 11/28 (wed) – 12/25 (tue) 11: 00-17: 00 close December 4. 5. 11. 12. 18. 19 Flower Bird 2F Parking lot available