2018/11 / 20-25 Work cooperation at Kurashiki Dyeing Spinning & Weaving Studio work exhibition [Kurashiki Museum of FOLK CRAFT]

I was glad I grew up in Kurashiki,

And you can realize the wonderfulness of handicraft again,

An event will be held from tomorrow.

November 20 (Tue) – November 25 (Sun) in 2018

Kurashiki Dyeing Spinning & Weaving Studio work exhibition


Kurashiki Honcho handling research institute –

As Showa 28 in Kurashiki Municipal Arts attached art research institute,

Established by the late Yoshinosuke Uchimura,

We have learned yarn dyeing, fabric weaving,

Everyday life’s activities are healthy,

Learn the richness of the mind. It is such a place if you let me explain briefly.


In this time cottle provided several fabrics of cloth,

From our point of view, I made it as a new item.

The work exhibition is from tomorrow, but it is a little introduction.


Please try visiting the wonderful, powerful and supple handicraft by all means.