2018/11 / 17-18 COTTLE announcement meeting [FRANK living tool] a draft

Thank you for the event!
The day before yesterday with the day before yesterday
The COTTLE announcement meeting at FRANK has been successfully completed.
I got acquainted with Owner’s Mr. Shiya from a long time ago
As I was told that I would like to have an event someday,
The two-day event was a very enjoyable time.
Since accessories are permanent from now on,
Christmas presents,
It is recommended for rewards etc to myself.
When you come close to us,
Please try by FRANK.
Thank you for those who came to the event during the exhibition.
November 23 (Friday) – December 2 (Sunday)
Tenka Ten extension will also be held,
We are also using it,
Recommended items such as ramen pots.
Please try to come over there as well.